Bacon Jasmine rice, mango salsa nachos,

Bacon Jasmine rice, mango salsa nachos,

MANGO Salsa! So easy!

Due to having acid reflux issues, I have a whole lot of things I love to eat, but really should be careful about eating. This means even the mildest of peppers and even tomatoes can irritate my stomach. Nevertheless, I love these things in moderation. Feel free to add jalapenos & habeneros to your mango salsa if you like them.

My mango salsa used 4 ripe yellow mangoes, diced, slightly cooked, then pureed in a food processor with a bit of honey. 1 yellow bell pepper diced. 6 Roma tomatoes diced. 1/2 a bunch of cilantro chopped. Juice of 6 limes. Since I can get a large 84 oz tub of organic virgin coconut oil at Costco for $13, I tend to use it to cook almost anything. (It also makes a great moisturizer!). Sautee the peppers, and add to the mango mixture along with tomatoes & cilantro. Finally, either add in diced avocado, or if making enough for later as I did, add avocado just before you eat it.

Bacon & Rice! I can’t believe I never thought of trying this sooner. Add cooked & chopped up bacon to my new favorite rice: Jasmine rice! I had even found some brown Jasmine rice, so added good carbs bonus here. Although I prefer to buy from small farms, my current new budget and expenses (more on that in the future!) are making it cost prohibitive these days. I recently tried Kirkland Signature bacon from Costco, which was not salty at all, whereas I needed to add some salt. This may vary with the bacon you use. Served with black beans, mango salsa, & diced avocado. Delicious when all mixed together, though not very pretty.

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