Apple-Onion Savory-Sweet Corn-Cakes

Apple-Onion Savory-Sweet Corn-Cakes

Yes, I’m still on a pancake making kick.  Here’s the latest pancake variation I’ve made today.

I had forgotten about some stone-ground blue cornmeal in my refrigerator, so that’s how the idea came about.  I decided to do a cross between corn cakes with apples,  and the Asian inspired green onion pancake.  One trick I learned from a cornbread recipe, when using stone-ground cornmeal, is to soak it in milk for a little bit.

Apple-Onion Corn pancakes. Makes 12 medium pancakes.

Because my new electric skillet is so hot, I needed to adjust to 325° from 350° previously, in order to make them cook through without burning. Still about 2 minutes on each side of the pancakes.

Apple-Onion corn pancakes !!

Top these with some honey!

Yummy savory & sweet corn pancakes!

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