Egg roll in a bowl & always hungry lately.

Egg roll in a bowl & always hungry lately.

I’m getting back into the habit of making most of my food for the week ahead of time, aka meal prep.  This evening, I made both “egg roll in a bowl” and a creamy spinach soup. I’m also contemplating a mix of brownies with some added PB2 powdered almond butter. I feel like I’m always hungry lately.  I’ve stumbled upon popcorn topped with melted butter and/or coconut oil, a bit of honey, plus cinnamon sprinkled on top of that.  I kept wanting to eat more of it. Then I discovered brushing coconut oil and honey mixture on toast, also topped with cinnamon. Then at Costco, I picked up some chocolate dipped Nature Valley protein bars.  Needless to say, despite most of what I cook being “healthy-ish”, I’ve stumbled into an “eating too much” phase.

For the creamy spinach soup, I’m not including a final picture, as it’s tasty, but the consistency doesn’t lend it to be very photogenic. I’m physically going back into work this week, and the soup is for after I get home to eat.

The “egg roll in a bowl” is for my work lunch, although I’ve had some tonight. It’s quite delicious.

I’ve used MyFitnessPal to create my recipe. My number of servings, especially for my soups, is usually an estimate. The egg roll in a bowl has 5 boneless chicken tenderloins (where MFP shows it as 576 grams).

I diced & sauteed 3 carrots, 1 large yellow beet, 1 rutabaga in one pan. I cooked 1 smaller chopped head of green cabbage with salt in another pan. I used diced green onions, pink himalayan salt & black pepper, and fresh ginger & garlic with the chicken. All sauteed in coconut oil.

Egg roll in a bowl – quite delicious

Perhaps next time, I’ll use my air fryer that I finally got from storage and actually make egg rolls. That was my original idea. I decided to do this instead.

Creamy spinach soup recipe
Creamy spinach soup recipe continued

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