Chicken Alfredo Lasagna & the world’s slowest cook

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna & the world’s slowest cook

It’s official, I think I might be the world’s slowest cook. Things just take me forever to make, especially when there are a lot of “layered” steps, like to a lasagna. I think I just move kinda slow or something. Anyway. I hardly ever make lasagna, but I decided I wanted to make it for this week’s meal prep.

I modified this recipe I found for homemade Alfredo sauce as follows:

2 c. heavy cream
8 oz cream cheese
6 cloves of garlic
1 cup butter
Black pepper & white pepper
Pink himalayan salt
Sauteed diced sweet onion with 2 red bell peppers in butter
1 c. fresh grated Asiago cheese (originally Parmesan)
2 cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts (close to 2 lbs)

Plus 1x 24 oz cottage cheese (4% milk fat).

I put a small amount of finely chopped garlic & sweet onion in the bottom of a pan. After the cream cheese, butter, and heavy cream melted & simmered whisk together. Then, add in grated Asiago cheese & whisk again. Next, stir in sauteed red bell pepper & sweet onion

Next, 2 large pre-cooked boneless skinless chicken breasts went into a food processor, then mixed it all into the alfredo sauce. Stir well. Keep on low, & stir occasionally before lasagna is assembled. I didn’t add the last bit of heavy cream until the end, before I assembled the lasagna.

Layered lasagna with the chicken onion, & bell pepper alfredo sauce, 2 layers of cottage cheese, more sauce, etc. Put some fresh grated asiago cheese on top.

Once again, my “making food look pretty” skills are not very good, and it definitely didn’t come out of pan very pretty either…

Oh well, it tastes really good!

Chicken alfredo lasagna
Chicken alfredo lasagna

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