A lazy holiday mocha coffee at home, plus holiday candy making today!

A lazy holiday mocha coffee at home, plus holiday candy making today!

Normally, I don’t use those flavored coffee creamers anymore. I use either half & half, or heavy cream, sometimes on rotation. But, I was tired & wandering through a grocery store last night around 8pm (something you shouldn’t do without a sure plan of what you want to make, or you might spend more than you thought), I decided on flavored creamer. Since it was a bit late on Christmas Eve eve, the shelves were a little picked over.

I have a much more thorough blog on how I make Christmas candy I posted a couple years ago. I revised it today, so it’s published date is now today.

What I ended up with last night: 2 bags of round pretzel balls, a big jar of peanuts, & 1 bag each of dark chocolate, white chocolate & butterscotch chips (+ I already had 1 dark chocolate plus vanilla candy melt bars), some vanilla I needed, & a couple other random groceries. Well, $50 later, I stopped on my way home to get a burger at a local place. Apparently, I was shopping both tired and hungry?

Here is my lazy holiday mocha recipe. it does not guarantee to rival a coffee house, but it’ll do the trick if you want something a little bit more than a regular old coffee, and don’t want to spend $$ on Starbucks or a local coffee joint.

Super easy holiday mocha at home. Not guaranteed to rival starbucks. Chocolate syrup will work as well, maybe better, but that isn’t in my cupboard.
Easy holiday mocha at home
Candy making ingredients (minus the butter). If you’re wondering, the pot on the table is a live potted Italian Cypress tree, & I decorated it as a Christmas tree 🎄. I repurposed that iron table frame found at a thrift store, using ceramic floor tiles at Home Depot.

Another link to my revamped 2018 blog on how I actually make candy!😎

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